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ScanSoft OmniPage is an innovative solution lets you convert paper
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Scan Soft OmniPage, OCR software, can re-create up to 20 page document in less than two minutes with around 99% accuracy. OCR takes an image (typically a scanned document page) and creates editable text from it. The re-creation of the documents is done in perfect formatting and the converted documents look exactly like the original.

Converting information locked on paper or in digital files into your favorite format is simpler and easier as you can just load it and then convert it using the software. OmniPage's multi-engine voting capabilities deliver unprecedented accuracy in 119 different languages. Omni page can be used in many of the day to day activities related to legal, finance and sales activities as it can easily and quickly converts paper documents to electronic documents which are easily searchable for future purposes. It can be used for improving the images, recognizing documents, editing and proof reading, creating PDF files etc. Omni provides you with 3 types of views; they are classic, flexible and quick convert views. All function panels and toolbars can be moved, reconfigured and customized in each view to your particular needs and you can switch between views under the Windows menu

It is one of the most precise ways to turn paper, PDF, and even digital camera pictures into files you can easily edit.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Fast and easy conversion of paper documents, PDF and JPG files to the editable formats


  • Even though it supports 119 languages it doesn’t support some of the languages widely used in Asian countries like Chinese, Japanese, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, etc
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